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    Shooting games are the type of games that basically require players to use a wide array of weapons in order for them to fight his/her way all through whatever enemies they encounter and come across for them to proceed, and not die – this is typically the main goal of the shooting game. These shooter games are ideal for those gamers who are fond of and are very thrilled by action-packed and thrilling, adrenaline-pumping gaming actions that only shooter games can deliver.

    A big job needs a big weapon

    In the world of online shooting games, overkill is basically a concern. So, the question is how will you gauge whether those weapons according to your choice are the ideal weapons or just flat-out unintelligent? It’s simple! You just need to ask yourself if these weapons or firearms will be a true benefit on the battlefield, or if those weapons are assured mass destruction.

    If your weapons of choice allow you to positively, absolutely kill every enemy in the game and let you walk away well done, and clean, then your weapons are calibrated correctly. If by using that specific weapon would likely destroy the enemy, yourself, everyone, and almost everything in a three hundred mile radius, leaving only steaming craters filled with charcoal and glass, then you should definitely watch out. There is a high chance that you are equipped with one of the shooter games’ most ludicrously and extremely impractical weapons.


    Choose your weapons wisely

    Your choice of weapons in a shooter game will make or break your gaming experience. It can influence how effective of a player you can be during the game. Specific weapons are basically designed for specific things, and utilizing an excellent weapon that can compliment your own playing style can definitely aid you in racking up your points!

    You will find that majority if not literally, all shooter games have similar categories of weapons. In a shooting game, you will usually encounter weapons that are commonly called Assault types of weapons. These are guns that are considered ‘jacks of all trades and a ‘good all-rounder’. Usually, such weapons have decent rates of good accuracy and fire over medium distances. Because of these weapons’ versatility, they’re generally the kind of guns that are used and preferred most often.

    Another one of the most common, old faithful weapons is the ‘Pistol’ or ‘Sidearm’ type of gun. These weapons are mostly small, quite weak guns that are being used as back up to the main weapon. In general, they do not do much damages and are usually being used as a last resort especially if the ammo of the main gun has run out. However, these weapons are extremely accurate overshot distances not to mention that they can actually make the difference from losing or winning the gunfight.

    Some common realistic shooting games offer SMG gun or submachine gun. These weapons are smaller versions of the Assault type of weapons. In physical, they are much smaller guns that have great accuracy over short distances to mid distances. In addition to that, there are also less powerful, however, they are more capable in some close-quarters gunfights because of their utmost accuracy.

    Another common type of weapons that you can see in most shooter games is the sniper type of gun. These weapons are generally designed for long-range, accurate shooting. And they normally have sufficient amount of power to easily drop your enemy with just one or two bullets. Sniper weapons in general, if not always, have a smaller capacity and slower fire rate.

    Some shooter games have a shotgun class of weapons that are often devastating and powerful on short range, and usually, one-shot kills. These are extremely effective weapons especially if you are an aggressive type of player. However, you have to be quite close to the target for these guns to do the job for you, if you are not at a touching distance, then these guns wouldn’t do much damage, rendering these guns useless!

    Then, you can also find the common Heavy kind of weapons. These guns typically have a large capacity and high fire rates, and they are basically designed to do lots of damages quickly! The only problem with these awesome weapons is that they are commonly less accurate, they take time to reload, and there are cases that your character will move slower while you are holding this gun and this is because of their weight and size.

    In lots of shooter games, you can also encounter power weapons. These guns are typically heavy weapons that have a slower fire rate and have a devastating impact on their targets. Usually, they are being used to easily take out multiple enemies or vehicles with just one shot. A good example is the rocket launcher.

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