Some of the best shooter games you have to play at least once

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    When it comes to shooter games, the options are quite limitless. For the past recent years, different shooting games have been released and gained positive feedbacks and comments from avid gamers. Certain games are classified as the best shooter games, the all-time favorite, and most sought after games.

    Left 4 Dead

    This is a first-person shooting game, with an act of survival and horror. This shooter game is available in single play and multiplay gaming. This game is set during the aftermath of an apocalyptic pandemic, and it focuses on four survivors who are fighting against the undead.

    Dead Island

    This shooting game is available in single-player and multiplayer. It is a zombie survival horror shooter game that is set in a fictional, tropical island resort that has also been infected by the epidemic that’s quickly turning lots of people into zombies.


    This shooter game is also available in single player and multiplayer. This game takes place in the 26th century, in which gamers take on a role of former mercenary who was double crossed by his own commander. Stuck on one planet that is far away, they must fight their way back to defeat the former commander.


    In rage, the players will go into the future where humans struggle hard for survival after the asteroid collides with Earth. Being the lone survivor, Ark used as the final refuge right before that impact, players must battle against the hostile mutants. This game features great visuals, fantastic gun battles, and firefights.


    This shooter game is very popular, and it’s the favorite of many Millenials. It is available in multiplay and single gaming. This is by far one of the best and the most exciting shooter games in which players will be able to test their shooting skills.

    These are just some of the most popular shooter games, there is actually a lot more out there for you to consider!

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